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Since my father started the business in 1986, we've partnered with Financial Advisors to serve local business owners and participants via 401(k) plans. I'm excited to make you aware of two programs you can use to make the most of 401(k) opportunities you'll have this year and in the years to come. - Bill Clifford, Managing Partner

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95% of Advisors write 401(k) plans when someone approaches them from within his/her network with a 401(k) opportunity. 5% of Advisors specialize in 401(k) plans and actively prospect for opportunities.

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401kGrabNGo.com is an online library of processes, scripts and tools built for Advisors that don't specialize in 401(k) plans. Login, grab what you need to move the opportunity forward, and win the business. 

401k Sales Champion 

401(k) Sales Champion is built for Advisors that want to specialize in 401(k) plans.  


Chris Barlow, Author of 401K Sales Champion, and Co-Author of 401kGrabNGo.com


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