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Have Sluggish Plan Sales?

Stop Struggling to Grow Your 401(k) Book. Join the 3-week, Leads Blueprint Sprint.  

We know how you feel.

You want to grow your practice and see other financial Advisors crushing it, and it leaves you wondering how they’re doing it.

Most advisors either have no process, no plan, target the wrong retirement clients, don’t follow up, or sell at the wrong time.

If this is you, don’t feel bad. The good news? There’s a solution.

2 Videos:  4 Minute Overview & 34 Minute Webinar Replay:


Join Our LEADS Sprint:  Fill gaps and put a rinse and repeat sales process in place!

What if you could stop spinning your wheels when it came to prospecting?

What if you had a formula-centric approach to your outreach that actually helped free up your time instead of hijack it?

Here are the dates:

A 3-week Sprint that helps you secure the right plan leads to grow your practice

What You'll Learn:

  • The Right Way to Prospect. Prospecting is more than calling a plan sponsor and asking them if they’re experiencing problems with their plan. You’ll get a framework to help you determine which clients you should target, what to look for when screening prospects, and how to create a math-driven outreach plan by reverse engineering your current sales goals.
  • Triggering Events. Most advisors sell at the WRONG time. Having a deep understanding of what causes a plan sponsor to move their plan is a critical step in sales success. You’ll learn the top 7 triggering events so you can be in the right place at the right time.
  • Messaging that Matters. Do you even have a value proposition? You’ll learn the secrets to effective messaging, discover the questions you should ask yourself before you get started, and access word-for-word scripts that you can use immediately.

Start putting a solid prospecting plan in place so your practice can grow and thrive.

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“Wow, this is really a powerful! Sorry it has taken me 30 years to find. Thank you for your leadership and knowledge in helping guys like me get their stuff together! Here is to the next 30!”

Financial Advisor, 60 Plans

$100M AUM Retirement Plan Business


"Just landed a plan with 150+ employees using your Positioning Presentation. Got the email with the green light on Friday and paperwork this morning!"

Financial Advisor

AC, Louisiana


"Your workshop gives me something very structured to build my business with."

Financial Advisor

BS, Boston


"You helped me several years ago to get started in growing a business servicing Retirement Savings Plans. We continue to grow and are grateful for the principles I learned."

Financial Advisor

TR, Nashville, TN


401(k) Sales Champion 

The 401(k) Sales Champion sits on the shelf of some of the top 401(k) Advisors in the business.  In it's 4th Edition, it's been called the Bible of 401(k) plan sales.  

20+ Years of 401(k) Sales Training for Advisors:


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