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We Build A Referral Bridge For You With Non-Specialist Advisors In Your Area   

Our software delivers the tools to non-specialist Advisors you're not currently seeing. Once your firm is top-of-mind, wealth Advisors will start to bring your TPA firm the referrals your not currently getting.  

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As A TPA...

You have HUNDREDS of Advisors to call on within a 25 mile radius of your office. If you're like most TPAs, you'll take what we call the 95/5 approach - Focus on the 5% of Advisors that specialize in 401(k)s, and due to time constraints write-off the remaining 95%. However, every 18-24 months the ignored 95% Advisor will be approached by someone in their network with a 401(k) opporunity. We ask the question, is there a way to cover these Advisors using technology so you can pick up referrals you're currently not getting?

How The 95/5 Platform Generates Sales Results for TPA Licensees


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The 95/5 Platform Delivers This Message To The Wealth Advisors On Your Behalf:

Meet Chris Barlow. Author of 401(k) Sales Champion, Advisor Coach, Resource to Recordkeepers and DCIO Firms


How A License Works For TPAs:

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What's Included With My TPA License?

Our team and system does all the work for you. We take your list of Advisors and deliver the content on your behalf making your firm standout in the minds of Advisor your not currently covering.

An Exclusive Territory

Your local competitors can not purchase this program

Access For 500 Advisors

Grant access to up to 500 Advisors to

High Advisor Engagement

Valuable coaching and content is delivered to the Advisor via email and also available 24/7 online. 

Video Series

Personalized (to you) emails with attached videos sent weekly for 6 weeks (once a month thereafter). 

What's The Cost For TPAs?

We've worked hard to make our TPA Licensing program extremely affordable for any size TPA business. For example, if a TPA uploads 500 Advisor names, it would cost $0.80 per Advisor a month! Most TPAs will easily generate the 2 additional sales needed to recoup the cost of the License.


Per Month (Plus $1,000 Setup Fee)

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