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 The 401(k) Advisor Playbook:  Cards Sprint

Create a Service Model that Wins Plans of Any Size

Join the 3-week, Advisor Playbook: 7 Steps to Optimizing Your Service Delivery and Revenue.  

If you’re like most financial advisors, you may wonder how your service model measures up to other advisory firms, and if your existing plans may be at risk.  

We feel your pain. Let us help you optimize your practice so that you win and retain your key plans as they grow. If you're looking to better understand what top Advisors, we have answers for you.

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What if you had an impenetrable service model that:

- Protected your book   

- Raised satisfaction

- Ensured retention (especially of your largest plans)  

Yes, you can do all three.

We offer a proven framework that takes the complexity out of servicing retirement plans and adds value-clarity for clients. 


In 3-weeks, Chris and Andy will help you optimize and build a 401(k) service process that wins plans of any size 

What You'll Learn:

  • 7 Critical Areas Every Service Model Must Have. In order to ensure optimal performance, every successful service model should include seven critical success pillars. These pillars are the cornerstone for addressing plan sponsor concerns and needs.

  • Ways to Uncover What’s Most Important to a Plan Sponsor. Oftentimes there’s a disconnect between what a financial advisor thinks is most important to a plan sponsor and what sponsors actually find valuable. You’ll learn how to uncover exactly what keeps plan sponsors up at night and form an advantage in reducing client attrition.

  • How to Create a Roadmap to Manage Your Plan Annually. Once you discover our 7-step methodology for creating your branded service model, we’ll show you how to develop an understandable, explainable, and accountable process to help track annual activity and communications unique to each plan sponsor.  
  • Protect your Book of Business from Leakage. Never again ask yourself, “Is my service model capable of managing both small and mega-sized plans?”


Join the Advisor Playbook: 7 Steps to Optimizing Your Service Delivery and Revenue today for only $750 before enrollment closes

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Advisors Testimonials

“Wow, this is really a powerful! Sorry it has taken me 30 years to find. Thank you for your leadership and knowledge in helping guys like me get their stuff together! Here is to the next 30!”

Financial Advisor, 60 Plans

$100M AUM Retirement Plan Business


"Just landed a plan with 150+ employees using your Positioning Presentation. Got the email with the green light on Friday and paperwork this morning!"

Financial Advisor

AC, Louisiana


"Your workshop gives me something very structured to build my business with."

Financial Advisor

BS, Boston


"You helped me several years ago to get started in growing a business servicing Retirement Savings Plans. We continue to grow and are grateful for the principles I learned."

Financial Advisor

TR, Nashville, TN


401(k) Sales Champion 

The 401(k) Sales Champion sits on the shelf of some of the top 401(k) Advisors in the business.  In it's 4th Edition, it's been called the Bible of 401(k) plan sales.  

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